Why is Colorado an Awesome Place to Have a Vacation?

Whether you are planning a romantic get away, a family trip or even just an escape weekend with your friends, Colorado is the place to go. Colorado has a year long vacation experience designed to fit every single one of your desires.

Numerous outdoor experiences to choose from as well as many resorts promoting complete relaxation and extreme activities.

Colorado for VacationNot to mention that Colorado is one of the few States that recreational marijuana is permitted, which has led to making cannabis very easy, and legal, to get making it an innovative industry that offers many cannabis-friendly resorts and experiences.

Start your trip arriving at Denver or better known as the Mile High City (precisely because of its altitude compared to sea level), Colorado’s capital, which has the largest airport in the whole United States.

The capital itself has many things to do like the Denver Zoo, walks across the city park or the botanical garden, the 120 years old Denver Art Museum which is always promoting top notch fine arts exhibitions and educational tours. Denver even has an amusement park, the Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park.

Colorado water parkIf you’re getting out of Denver in spring or summer then you can enjoy a numerous list of things, just to name a few you can do; the canyons in Ouray, descending and climbing them back up all while enjoying the stunning views they offer.

Fly fishing in Minturn getting the chance to watch the aerial view of Vail Valley before descending to do some fishing. You can even go sailing at Lake Dillon or go mountain biking through the numerous mountains that Colorado offers. One of our favorites is enjoying the Aurora sunflower fields, a yellow paradise of flowers.

Also, attend to the Breckenridge Mountain Arts Festival that is held three times in summer where artist from all over the country gather to show off their skills in wood carvings and sculpturing.

The good thing about Colorado is that the fun does not end in summer, it continues in fall and winter where numerous resorts are available such as the famed Aspen, Beaver Creek, Vail, Winter Park, amongst a lot other world class ski resorts.

Colorado Winter parkThe Rocky Mountains of Colorado in winter makes tourists from all over the world gather around and enjoy skiing or snowboarding. We recommend the St. Regis Aspen Resort or the Beaver Creek Resort where you’ll be able to enjoy hikes, great skiing mountains, and even have the little ones in the family learn how to ski in the ski school.

If getting out of Denver and going to one of the resorts above or amenities then be sure to drive by Empire Colorado, a stationary and very rich in history town that is famous for its beautiful accommodations and attractions such as the eternal Peck House, the original Hard Rock Cafe, Jenny’s Restaurant.

This town may also serve as a good bathroom stop having the cleanest restrooms of Colorado allegedly and being a great access door to buying some recreational marijuana on your way to enjoying one of the best vacations ever in Colorado.

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