Pest Control for Beginners: Knowing About the Different Types of Pests

Before you call Pest Control Calgary, you should at least know the pests present in your house that way, it saves their time identifying. To help you get started, here are the different types of pests:

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Insect types

Insects can damage your home. You should specifically watch out for:

  • Termites: there are different species of termites but only six are responsible for attacking timber. If overlooked, a large termite colony can cause significant damage within twelve months. They typically appear like “little white ants”.
  • Silverfish: silverfishes are responsible if you find holes in your clothes. They appear with silvery scales, long antennae and without wings. They also move in a wiggling motion. They are found scurrying around skirting boards.
  • Cockroaches: cockroaches are easy to spot. They confine themselves to your subfloors, roof voids and outdoors. You should understand that cockroaches are scavengers, which means they eat almost anything.
  • Ants: ant is another insect easy to spot. Ants come in different sizes, colors, and shapes. Essentially, ants live in large colonies. If you see one, there is bound to be more. If you see a trail of ants in the kitchen, it is time that you get a serious treatment plan.
  • Wasps: wasp nests are found on windowsills, awnings and external walls. Wasps have slender and smooth body. They also have legs with few hairs. When they nest at your place, there is nothing that you can do but to call the professionals.
  • Mosquitoes: mosquitoes are easily distinguishable because of their long mouthparts. There are different species of mosquitoes but only a small number can create menace. Keep in mind that it can transmit human diseases.

Feral animals

Feral animals can cause more damage to your home as well as spread diseases. You should specifically watch out for:

  • Rats and mice: it is tricky to get rid of rats and mice because they can squeeze through the smallest of holes or gaps. The best thing to avoid them is by sealing your house properly. The professionals will handle treatments with non-toxic control methods before introducing baiting programs.
  • Feral birds: the droppings of feral birds can pollute worksites and homes. Aside from that, feral bird droppings can cause major health concerns. One example of a feral bird is a pigeon. These birds nest and defecate on floors and entry doors leaving you with no option but to eradicate or relocate them.

Final words

If you can tell the different types of pests, you will know if it warrants the help of exterminators. Aside from learning the types of pets, you should also learn how to identify an infestation. Remember that research can go a long way.