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If you are fully convinced and decide to buy a steam cleaner and you are excitedly rushing to your favorite appliance store to buy one but in the end you ended up frustrated and inundated with the vast array of models and brands, maybe it is time to become wiser when it comes to buying a unit of a steam cleaner.

With regards to its features, you should look in the most needed features and make sure you have got it all according to your needs.

To further help you on this matter, here is the best list that you check out before you buy your steam cleaner so that you cannot just maximize the use of it, but also you will get the best value for your money.

  • WATER TANK CAPACITY- Most steam cleaners come with a single tank while there are some that have dual tanks on it so that it can fill more water to have longer cleaning sessions. However, the downside of having dual tanks or bigger water tanks is its weight, the bigger the tank, the heavier the steam cleaner will be while a single tank can only fill around one and a half liter of water which can clean up to 15 to 20 minutes. Make sure to buy a steam cleaner that has sufficient space in its water tank that can fill up to two to three liters of water.Winix Reviews
  • POWER CORD LENGTH- If you are using steam cleaners to clean up a huge space in your house or in an office floor, it would be more convenient to use a steam cleaner that has a long power cord to give you the freedom to move wherever you want to go. Make sure your steam cleaner has more than three meters of its power cord’s length or much better longer than five meters to ensure that it can reach almost all corners of the space you need to clean. The industrial type of steam cleaners come with power cords as long as 15 meters in length but it is heavier than those that are used for households, so better make a wise decision in choosing between the two.
  • MAKE SURE IT IS MADE FROM STAINLESS STEEL- Cheap steel rusts easily especially that steam cleaners use water as its main or primary cleaning substance that is why you have to ensure that the steam cleaner that you are about to buy is made from stainless steel particularly its frame, handle and other parts of it that are susceptible from getting wet from the water and steam.
  • EASY CONTROL PANEL- Make sure that your steam cleaner has a very accessible control panel that you will give you full control in regulating the steam outflow and the steam temperature, and make sure that the controls are both heat resistant and waterproof to ensure for its longevity just like the rug doctor portable cleaner.
  • STEAM TEMPERATURE LEVEL- Because steam cleaners use the heat that is produced from the machine to clean a surface thoroughly removing dirt and killing harmful germs and bacteria, it is very important to buy a steam cleaner that is fully capable of cleaning both what you see and what you don’t.

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