LoL Smurfs

Top Reasons Why Players Smurf at a High ELO

The high level players will feel a need to take break from the main account to play on the smurf. So, here are some main reasons why the high level gamer’s smurf:

Why to Buy Smurf Accounts?

You might be thinking why you must buy a league account if you may get it for free. Truth is there is no such thing as the free LoL accounts. Well, there’re several reasons why many people buy LoL account instead of making one themselves.

The low ranked players can retry the placement matches

Suppose players are not happy with the initial rank placement, then they look to retry the matches by making the new LoL smurf account that gives them the second chance of getting the higher ranking before choosing the account that can become their primary or secondary.

Player who wants the second ranked account

Players enjoy having one or more ranked account if they are looking to play with the friends of the different skill level and as the challenge to themselves to get many accounts to the high skill level.

Get lower queue times

So, when the players reach some skill level, then queue times will become long particularly in the Master & Challenger divisions that have very limited match pools. When the queue times reach above 30 min it will be time consuming to find the match and will be faster using the smurf account for finding the game. You can easily create your account at

LoL Smurfs

Creating the backup account

Players want to have the smurf account as backup if their main account gets hacked or banned for certain reason. Having the backup account allows the players to continue playing their game when they resolve this issue with the other account that is better than missing those significant wins of a day!

Professional players hiding their main accounts

Professional LoL players and streamers have ranked the smurf accounts that enable them to practice with some other players with no trolling and abuse as the identity is not known to other players. It is the primary reasons why many people smurf in LoL.

Suppose you are thinking to make the smurf account you can save your time by checking out – as they offer 30 level unranked accounts with various IP amounts included!

 Player wants to troll the games without consequences

Although it happens in the games and is the common thing and is considered as a taboo since it does not help people to play the game that want to win.