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4 Important Business Lessons From Ridwan Hafiz

Great entrepreneurs aren’t factory-made or proclaimed overnight. Those who succeed in business have seen their fair share of hardships and challenges. It’smore possible that these are individuals who’ve gone through many things. In addition to these experiences, they are more successful now.

Ridwan Hafiz, co-founder of Analyzen, the biggest digital marketing service provider in Bangladesh, took time to impart his knowledge and experience in an interview with Future Startup. This great interview on entrepreneurship tells you a story about facing hardships when starting a company, which is way ahead of its time and succeeding with persistence. The article also gives you key pointers on what you must remember when experiencing struggles while building your own business.

Rewards of taking risks

Any entrepreneur will agree with the fact that without taking risks, you can’t go anywhere. Every decision comes with specific risks. That’s the reality of business. The founders of Analyzen started the company during a time when digital marketing was a very alien notion for many. Hence, it was even more challenging to establish a target market and make people understand why digital marketing is essential.

Turn challenge into an opportunity

One of the reasons their company is as established as it is now is because of their ability to turn challenges into opportunities. Instead of being rookies and novices, they became an interesting company to look out for. It also helped that they offer services that aren’t available in the market yet. In short, their hard work has helped them generate demand for their service.

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Persistence pays off

The persistence of the staff led to the current success of the company. From a small, unstable start-up business to one of the leading providers in digital marketing solutions all across Asia. Not a bad story, right? However, it took a lot to get to where they are now. If it weren’t for their persistence, their goals wouldn’t have been realized at all.

Success is a long process

It took several months for some. Lucky them! The average business takes years to succeed. To declare that a company is stable will take time, decades even. So getting impatient of not getting the right results in the shortest span will be the cause of different issues.

Starting your own business will bring excitement and a thrill that you’ve never experience before. However, one cannot ignore the difficulties and challenges. It’s necessary to overcome these things. Not everyone becomes successful. Nevertheless,there’s no certainty that you will fail as well. The most important thing is to work hard and be persistent no matter what comes.