Things You Should Know Before Auto Selling

It can be a stressful task to sell your car especially if it is your first time doing it. Although you can sell your nice cars online and wait for a couple of calls from buyers/prospect clients, take out your customers for a test drive, take the challenge of deflecting scary haggles, settle on a reasonable cost, and end the transaction after shedding a few tears due to farewell emotions for your vehicle. However, it will take you a couple of words, to sum up, the process of your car sold. This article will give you an idea about the process that you’ll have to take before auto selling.

            Check the paperwork. Before selling your car, you will first have to inspect your documents and see if you have them completed before you show them to your prospective buyer. If your car ever happens to be on loan, make sure that you know about the exact amount of the left repayments. You might as well ask your lender to assure what necessary documents are being needed to complete before you can sell the auto.

            Apply for a Transfer of Ownership at a near land transportation office. If you don’t have a car loan for your auto, then you will have to make sure that you have prepared the necessary documents that you have to submit to process your car’s transfer of ownership. The following are the document that you will have to submit:

  • Taxpayer’s Identification Number
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Original copy of the certificate of registration
  • Official receipt of latest vehicle payment and other fees
  • Insurance certificate cover
  • Deed of sale/Transfer
  • Lender or financing company’s written a letter of consent.

Black family admiring new car

            Other auto selling documents. Aside from the documents that you will have to submit to transfer the vehicle, you would also have to prepare your auto’s manual, brochures, service books, records, and other necessary paperwork related to the vehicle’s ownership, repair, sale, and maintenance.

Inspect your vehicle.  This among anything else is not a strict rule though, but it will be better to your vehicle inspected before you sell and close a deal with your buyer to see if your car is in the right condition. When defects and issues come up, you will only have two options: have it repaired or leave it as it is and sell it for a lower cost.

Research. You might as well opt to go online and do your own research rather solely relying on your mechanic’s appraisal for the of your vehicle. This method will give a better insight into the accurate price for your car model.

Clean the vehicle. Your buyer’s first impression on your vehicle will last. This is why you must present your car in a very well condition so you will get a good payment. If you have the money to pay for a professional vehicle cleaning, go for it and detail your car.

Take photos. Photograph your car at all its angles and make sure that they are good in quality – both in the exterior and interior, the nice and the bad (minor and major flaws).

You can have stressful days when selling a car, but the money you will receive will make the days you spent selling worth it.